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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 21, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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they saved her life. >> he was run down by a metro bus. she wanted to thank those who came to her aid. good evening, i'm jim. >> i'm doreen gentzler. amanda was hit by a bus while jogging at the beginning of september. tonight, her brother spoke out about how she is doing. jackie bensen is at the crash scene at connecticut and florida at the corner of th scene. jackie. >> reporter: he says he wants to thank the many, many people who offered thoughts and prayers for his sisters recovery. >> she's gotten an awful lot better since then. she still has a long recovery ahead of her and a lot of work to do. she's going to do it. >> reporter: about 8:30, a congressional staffer was jogging through connecticut and florida avenues northwest when
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she was hit by a metro bus. she's suffered life injuries. her brother wants to let her many well wishers know that amanda is recovering. he wanted to correct a couple things. >> there was a report she was running with ear buds or headphones in her ears. it's not true. she didn't have them on. she left her ipod in her apartment. the police are clear she was in the crosswalk with the light, with the walk signal. the driver of the bus, a 43-year-old was dismissed for failure to follow operating procedures. it was revealed the september 3 accident was her third. the fist two were listed as minor. now, he prefers to think about his sister's recovery and find
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and thank the strangers who came to her aid in the darkest hour. >> we are grateful for the people who came to my sister's aid. we don't know who they are. we would like to know who they are. >> reporter: the police investigation into the collision continues. back to you. >> jackie bensen reporting, thank you, jackie. the d.c. fire department has the deadliest crash in history. it happened in june. this video is part of a 15 minute documentry produced by firefighters. they plan to use it for a training tool. it shows the heroic actions of emergency personnel rescuing and treating the injured. they will use the video as a recruiting tool. a massive crowd showed up at a swine flu clinic. some people camped out all night to get a shot. health officials turned hundreds of people away.
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fairfax county is exspecting an overcrowd of people. those expectations are forced to change early voting ahead of election day and the governor's race in virginia. jane watrel has the report. >> reporter: it's down to the wire for the virginia governor's race with the candidates scrapping for every single vote. there may be a voting wrinkle for the largest county. a swine flu vaccination clinic threatens to overwhelm parking at the center. the home to cast absentee ballots. >> we sent out notification to the county chairs and the candidates on the ballot for november. everybody has been made aware. they fear swine flu shots could turn off those coming simply to vote. saturday's clinic could be
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similar to the throngs that overwhelm them. people got in line 12 hours in advance to wait for the vaccination. the clinic won't change their plans. they will stand in line on election day. >> i like standing in line. i take my children with me so they get the experience in democracy. >> reporter: others already voted absentee for convenience. if the 100 absentee voters come saturday -- >> we will have our staff posted outside. we'll have signage up. we hope to make the process as smooth as possible. >> reporter: to compensate for the swine flu clinic saturday, they plan to have the government centers open that day. in person absentee balloting can go on as planned. in fairfax, jane watrel, news 4.
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a pharmacy college graduate appeared in court for conspi conspireing to do terrorist attacks. they plotted to attack u.s. malls. american soldiers in iraq and two prominant u.s. politicians. the plans to shoot up malls were insolent by a d.c. sniper attack. prosecutors say they couldn't get the right kind of weapons. the man never came close to pulling off an attack. the obama administration is following tough talk with drastic action t deal with big bonuses. the administration is expected to order pay cuts at seven companies that received the biggest bailouts last year. under that plan, bank of america america, aig, general motors, chrysler and chrysler financial
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will be forced to cut the salaries of the 25 highest paid executives. some could be cut 50% to 90%. aig, no top executive will earn more than $200,000. there will be restrixs on perks such as country club memberships and cars. president obama went to prince george's keocounty to unl a new plan to help sbrurs. heants to make it easier for small businesses to get a loan at lower interest rates. many small businesses are hurting. the presidt made the announcement at metro poll tan archives. >> if you are planning a european vacation, the value of the u.s. dollar continues to slide against the u yur row. it's in a negative milestone. it costs $1.50 to buy one euro.
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in response, oil prices were up to a new high for the year as the dollar dropped sharply against currencies. authorities find the wallet of a missing student, but call off the search for her. we'll look at ground level where the crisis of care is severe. why one man was arrested for being ned in his own home. if you didn't already know it, we are in the middle of a warming trend. tomorrow is the final day. i'll tell you how
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an autopsy will be done tomorrow to determine if a small girl's remains are those of a missing florida girl. 7-year-old somer thompson was
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last seen monday. she got upset after arguing with a friend, took off and hasn't been seen since. today, a child's body was found and hour away in georgia. the garbage was collected from somer's neighborhood. authorities are checking out more than 100 leads as they investigate the disappearance of a student at virginia tech. morgan harrington is her name. she turned up missing saturday night after becoming separated from friends at a metallica concert. police recovered her cell phone and purse. they don't know whether she's alive. the case is criminal in nature. the reward will be offered. the band, metallica is helping to search for her. district officials say this building at 14th and corcoran
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street has been home to men's parties. the city filed a restraining order after complaints from neighbors and a suspicious death at the property earlier. an investigation is still underway. a personal and up close look at the crisis in america. a free clinic that attracted hundreds in virginia. watch your pockets. the worst metro stations for
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congressional democrats, today, moved to strip health insurance companies of their exemption of trust laws. it will outrule price fixing. last week, the insurance industry came out against the democrats health care reform plan. closed door meetings continue as they try to get a plan. people are going to great lengths to get the care they need. we traveled to virginia to see what the sick are doing. >> darkness and distance don't
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stop the sick. they have to be pushed. others pull their air -- >> i got upset. >> they come from all over. if you camp out, some sleet in their cars, others don't have that luxury. >> these seats are from our van. i have five kids with me. the kids are stretched out in the cargo area. >> she has five children. it's a no-brainer. >> it's worth it. they have not had eye exams, ever. >> they drove from virginia. >> i work, i own my own business. i can't afford it. last time i went to see a dentist, he told me i had $13,000 worth of work that needed to be done.
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$468. >> wow. >> reporter: around 5:30 saturday morning, the few hundred new friends. take it easy, please. okay, you were next. >> once inside, the uninsured, underinsured baefed their way through a health clinic. volunteers and clinics like it, a few times a year. >> remember the 13-year-old boy from police georges. because he couldn't get an extradition, it went into his brain. >> on this side, minor surgeries. others get trace. he's allowed the same things.
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two possible by op sis and funny things in the mouth. >> he says while his patients can't afford dental care, for others, it's another problem. >> what is the care issue. she works in d.c. she agrees, in many areas, that will not enough doctors. if you could get it tomorrow, you have less than 25% of the population sheer. this is his first medical mission. >> there are a lot of people in trouble. i mean, there's a lot of folks who need health care. >> doctors talk about it. ronald smith, personified.
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>> it broke. yet, i had the red devil and the table broke on that and i failed. that was craig melvin reporting. tomorrow, craig looks at why cases like randall smith's problems aren't that common. veronica is here with the weather forecast, nice, warm and sunny today. can we keep it going? >> we can. for one more day, that's all. that is it. if you didn't have a chance to get out you have to. we're going to fall for 60s, but high temperature is there.
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it was shortly before 2:00 today. now, we have folen off at 66 degrees. it's not going to be that cold to start things off tomorrow morning. it's mid-october around here. the end of october. we're doing okay, starting in the 50s. 75 degrees the high temperature. ronnie, more than just a handful, degrees above average, you have in st. louis. look at denver, colorado. 37 degrees your temperature for the high. that's the cold air that's beyond it. it's going to make its way ooersward. it's hit wrn arkansas and dallas. 34 is the temperature now. there, the system is, snow on
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the north side of the system. again, colorado getting more snow. i's ahead of minnesota today. plenty of rain. a soaker throughout texas and oklahoma. they have had flood warnings issues for this area, too. >> flood warnings, there this could snow tonight or tomorrow. we're not going to cool dow much, but we'll see temperatures drop. i can't see us picking up any drops from the weather until late friday evening, 5:00 or 6:00. houston with more than 4 inches of rain. two inches in central nebraska. the winds have been gusty, too, with the system. >> as it moves.
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widespread rain riting everywhere but us. we could look at an inch of rain by the time to storm stops. we'll continue to rise and temperatures will drop off on friday, cooling down into the low 60s. here is the future cast. pressure moves off the coast tomorrow. there's the rain. here is a look at where we will be thursday. i think there's going to be airport delays, too. comfortable start tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. your high, 76 degrees. we'll start mild and end off tomorrow thinking it's september. 64 degrees the high for friday. overnight, an ending saturday with the mid-60s.
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doing okay this week. >> half and half. >> thanks per on ka. a minnesota winces 1,000 dollar in the lotly and the coach cakes off without
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it's good to have friends. jim zorn has friends. >> who are not afraid to speak their mind. friends stick up for friends. larson told a radio station in seattle that the redskins are trying to force jim zorn to resign so they don't have the
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pay the remainder of his $9 million contract. he wasn't asking zorn what place he will be calling. they called the situation a joke, then explained why jim zorn has stayed on as the ultimate head coach in limbo. >> they went to the point of pulling out his contract saying you have to do whatever the owner tells you to do. his choice was either to resign or to continue on under the current scenario. jim is not a quitter. he said i'm not going to quit on my coaching staff. i'm not going to quit on this team. i'm going to try to pull it out and get us going on the right track. but, in my opinion and this is just totally my opinion, jim never said this, never implied this, i think what dan snyder was trying to do was force jim to resign so he was not liable
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for his contract any longer. >> now, jim zorn waits and watches. they presided over the morning meeting with the offense and went over the passing game. lawrence trying to get up to speed for an offense. three different teams and several head coaches call the situation unsettling. he has never had a play caller changed in the middle of the season. he was lured out of retirement and will be out of the coaches box. sherman smith on the sideline. smith will pass them along to jason campbell. while all this is going on, zorn will be listening on the sidelines, but won't have imput on his team. zorn is trying to make the best of it. >> i'm conscious to what's going
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on. i'm not naive, yet, i have to just hold back on any feelings and make good decisions. i think our players expect me to rise up. we expect them to play under adverse conditions. we expect them to risk it all. i'm here for them. i got to make sure i give them what they need. >> all right, that's jim zorn. the city of philadelphia was preparing for a victory while gracing the light poles. it looks like it's about to happen. this is jayson werth, one of several home runs hit tonight. it's the bottom of the eighth inning. the phillies are going to have the yellow goo on bumpers and all kind of stuff.
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>> yeah. >> coming up next, a man ar
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metro hired more offices this year and put up cameras. never the less, crime is up 5%. it was worst at certain stations. at the stations with parking garages, most of the crimes were vehicle related.
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inside the city, pickpockets were the biggest threats. thieves are also looking for riders who aren't paying attention and individual lent passengers are their own defense. >> indecent exposure charges after walking around his home naked. he was spotted by a mother and young child. they were walking to the bus stop. he says he was making coffee in his house and didn't realize anyone could see him. police say he stood in front of
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some people have all the luck, some have none. in may, a guy walked in a convenience store. the clerk told him he won $2. he took the money and ran. the clerk then cashed the money in and cashed it in. they have recovered $300,000. "the tonight show with conan


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